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Property 64ha, Almond trees, Olive trees, Oak

country Portugal


Region Douro


District Alfândega da Fé

Price 351,000 €

Reference     8800

Purpose     Sale

Condition    Second-hand

Property 640 000 sq mt, Almond trees, Olive trees, Oak. Portugal, North, Alfândega da Fé.

For sale, 190 km North of Porto in Alfândega da Fé. District of Bragança, rural property in stunning and quiet location.

Has approximately 5000 scattered olive trees, 4000 almond trees, over 150 cork oaks and ruin.

In mountainous area. In an area where nature is majestic. On the route of the Sabor Lake. Near the Douro Demarcated Region.

Alfândega da Fé at 570 meters high is a village of natural charms, hospitality and land of generous people, of principles, values and loyal character.

JPP has experience and knowledge in selling to both English and French speaking buyers and can guide you in detail and in confidence throughout the entire visitation and purchasing process.

Selling price: 315.000 €.

Reference 8800.

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