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Vineyard 15,5HA in Farm of 24HA

country Portugal


Region Douro


District Foz Côa

Price 900,000 €

Reference     8431

Purpose     Sale

Condition    Second-hand

Vineyard 15,5HA with total Farm size of 24HA, Douro river view. Portugal, Douro, V. N. F. Côa.

For sale in the Upper Douro region, slopping, terraced vineyards of 155 000 m2, requiring some investment in maintenance, widening and repair to access paths.

Property near the Douro river, with house in ruins.  Integrated in 240 000 m2 of land, mechanized vineyard, with ability to produce a total of 105 barrels of wine, equivalent to 48 barrels of Port Wine, letter “A”.

Requiring replanting of faults, treatment and cleaning of slopes.

JPP has experience and knowledge in sales to English and French speaking buyers and can guide you in detail and with confidence throughout the visitation and purchasing process.

Sale price: 900 000 euros.

Reference: 8431.

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