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260ha Vineyard, Olive Grove, House.

country Portugal


Region Douro


District Guarda

Price On Request

Reference     8393

Purpose     Sale

Condition    Like New

260ha Vineyard, Olive Grove, House facing the Douro River. Portugal, Douro, Foz Côa.

In the Douro Superior region, in Foz Côa, a productive property (farm) is for sale, bordering the Douro River, with Vine, Olive Grove, l and Casa.

Producing approximately 170 tons of grapes for DOC and Port wine.

It produces an average of about 200 tons of olives for olive oil and canned olives.

Profitable property with high agricultural, tourism and small hunt potentials.

JPP has experience and knowledge in sales to English and French buyers and can guide you in detail and in confidence during the entire visit and purchase process.

Sale price: 8 800 000 €.

Sales reference: 8393.

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