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Country house in Portugal, Alentejo

country Portugal


Region Alentejo



Price 94,000 €

Reference     L308

Purpose     Sale

Condition    To recover

For sale a typical 2 bedroom house in Alentejo, Avis, Portugal.

Typical ground floor house, with a well maintained structure, with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen in te same space as the living rooma with a big fireplace. There is a yard of 320 sqm. by the house. In a village located in 5 km from Avis, Alentejo.

The house is well maintained, but it needs some works to make it comfortable, but not needing to spend much money.

Avis region is strongly connected to the Maranhão Dam, to the olive oil production, to the archaeological heritage, to the beautiful landscapes, to the good food, the nautical complex of Avis, the nature activities such as fishing, bird watching, walks, hunting, horse riding.

Avis is in around 160 km from Lisbon.

Diligente Real Estate has experience in selling to foreing buyers and can closely guide you through all the process.

Price: 94.000€

Reference: L308

The last photo is from the Maranhão Dam.

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