The oldest established country in Europe has turned into an inspiring place for those who look for a sophisticated and exclusive place to live. Charming, modern and glamorous are some of the values you will find. Portugal benefits from modern infrastructures, renowned hospitality and a tremendous natural beauty.

Considered by many as a heavenly holiday destination for its modern tourism facilities, and chosen by others as a retirement haven, Portugal has a lot to offer besides a joyful lifestyle. Top class restaurants are located all over the country, internationaly recommended golf and sporting facilities are easily accessible, casinos and nightlife entertainment are endless.

Portugal has a population of about 10.5 million people and two main cities: Lisbon - the capital and Oporto. Once a monarchy, Portugal is today a modern democracy and, since 1986, a member-country of the European Union. Having joined the Economic and Monetary Union in 1998 and the Euro currency in January 2002, Portugal takes action from its financial and monetary stability. Portugal's steady economic growth, developed under a service based economy, is open to investment abroad as well as to foreign investment. With prices related to other countries in Europe and low cost of living, Portugal represents a great opportunity for those who want to invest safely in a new distinct home.

Portugal has an amazing history with the country's independence dating back to the year 1143. The amazing Age of Discoveries for Portugal began in the 15th century when Prince Henry, the Navigator, financed expeditions that led to the discovery of the New World and to an empire that stretched from Brazil to the Indies. 

Climate and landscape

Portuguese climate is excellent! It is considered to be the mildest one in the whole Europe, usually described as maritime temperate. The climate is generally dry and warm in the south, and colder in the north.

Summers tend to be sunny and dry and winters are mild, although humid. Generally, the climate varies from region to region, and is influenced by relief latitude. Sea proximity offers mild winters, especially in Algarve. In the North of the country and inland, winters are colder than in the rest of the country, although moderate when compared to the rest of Europe.

Portugal is a country with the largest number of sunny days in Europe. A country of white sands and deep blue waters. A country of light and beauty.

Magnificent beaches along an enchanted coastline. Portuguese sun and beaches are a promise of a healthy life and pure entertainment. 850 kilometres of sandy beaches and clearwater bays await you. This coastline will bring you into harmony with yourself.


Portugal, with a total area of 92.000 km is located at the westernmost point of the European Continent. The continental territory occupies the west of the Iberian Peninsula. To East and North it borders with Spain, the only neighboring country, along it's 1.300 kilometres extension. To the west, more than 850 kilometres of coast are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal's location ensures easy access to many other European countries, as well as to the American and African continents. Only two to three hours away from most European capital cities, Lisbon is a privileged platform for many of the most important international airlines. Oporto and Faro are also served by International Airports.

The Republic of Portugal encompasses mainland Portugal and the Archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, both at about 2 hours flying time from Lisbon. The Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean and consist of nine islands: São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo. The archipelago of Madeira is situated southwest of Lisbon with two populated islands: Madeira and Porto Santo.


Leisure in Portugal is also made of culture and history. With thirteen UNESCO world Heritage sites, along with Museums and historical monuments, Portugal is a most surprising place to discover. Music, theatre, contemporary ballet, art exhibitions and alternative arts are performed by local or foreign companies.


Portuguese cuisine is unique and varied. It has its own special genre although there are different regional varieties, which evolved from local traditions.

It is easy to find top class restaurants all over the country.

The traditional Portuguese diet reflects the country's richness in a helathy climate, costal influence and agriculture.

Facing the Atlantic, it is only natural that part of Portuguese cuisine includes fresh fish and seafood. However, dried, salted cod fish became a speciality in Portugal and is known as a traditional dish. As to meat dishes, these are prepared and served in endless ways, countrywide.

Portugal is one of the best and foremost producers of wine in the world. From north to south, wine-growers offer a wide variety of top quality wines, combining the country's soil and climate with an age old wisdom and experience. In fact, one of the most internationally famous wines, Oporto wine, comes from the oldest declared wine region in the world, delimited in 1756 and located in the Douro valley.




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